The world of wine

We invite you

to explore the fascinating world of wine. You will get to know and discover them here in a relaxed atmosphere and additionally we invite you:

  • for a glass of wine with dinner

  • on #winnypiątek, a meeting with wines, which we organize cyclically to bring gourmets closer to the world of wine, learn the art of combining wine with dishes, consciously read labels, find your favorite aromas and strains, listen to wine stories, taste wine with friends and spend exciting time with them

  • for a tasting that we will organize especially for you and your guests

  • to our shop with wines, which we choose and import ourselves, we will help you in choosing the wine for the occasion.

"Wine Friday"
let's talk about wines,
with wine and a delicious dinner

We invite you to cyclical events "Wine Friday", during which you will try different type of wines, specially selected for the dinner served. You don't have to be a wine connoisseur to join to the event! Book a place and come and our sommelier will teach you how to consciously read labels, will help you find your favorite aromas, tell you wine curiosities. In In a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, you will get to know wine from all sides. You will discover its range of flavors and incarnations, relaxing on Friday evening.


MAY 21 - Wine Friday - Cheese pairing